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Technical communication

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Technical Communication

A special service we offer is technical communication. This refers to any communication on technical or specialised topics (from forest laws to medical procedures), to communication using technology (web pages, help files or social sites) or to the “simple” assembly instructions for the dining room table, for example.

This type of technical communication is a big advantage when it comes to transmitting accurate information from the manufacturer to the end user, from the company to the customer, enabling it with more accessibility in terms of understanding and selling the product or the service.

The companies or organisations that use technical communication are more productive and efficient due to the significant reduction when it comes to re-processing the information and eliminating the risks associated to the technical communication issues, and the end user effectively filters a vast experience.

To better understand the possibilities this service offers you, we present below some examples of technical communication:
• online help;
• manuals;
• technical manuals;
• white papers (documents used in B2B marketing or sales);
• instruction manuals;
• service manuals;
• operating instructions (DOU);
• e-learning course support.

The ultimate goal of successful technical communication is to provide reliable information in an accurate manner, all in due time, so that the user, who is the central part in all types of communication, technical included, always has available the knowledge needed to lead a relaxed, but highly productive life.


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