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Terminology management

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Terminology management and professional language services for companies

We always start a specialised translation with a thorough documentation of the terms specific to that field. Terminology refers to the study of specialised terms, namely those words which describe concepts, products, services or industrial jargon.

The translation of specific texts is a detailed operation which requires mastering, at an extremely high level, norms of accurate and consistent communication regarding related terminology.

All activity fields, as well as some direct customers, use their own terminology which provides them with effective communication both at internal level and at their customer portfolio level.

The use of specific terms in translating specialised documentations has the important role of removing all ambiguities of the translation and eliminating communication errors due to the consistent terminology.

We ask our customers to validate lists of specialised terms to ensure an accurate and consistent translation and to comply with certain language preferences in what concerns the transmission of their information to the end user.

By implementing and continuously updating a terminology for a translation project specific to a certain field, we can optimise for you the final budget of a new contract and offer you a higher quality translation.

The developing of the scientific, technological and business specialties have increased the specific terminology so to be able to communicate efficiently and without ambiguities, a well defined and consistent terminology should be used.

The necessary condition for achieving consistent terminological documentation is to create a terminology database in at least one language containing relevant terms, the recommendation to use or not use certain terms and characteristics of the company.

At the moment, the companies consider the terminology management as an instrument that increases their competitiveness, especially in the area of communication with the clients or corporate language.

The linguists from Translate Studio can help you create a terminology database or provide tips on how to create an manage terminology. You will see the results right away.

The benefits of terminology management:


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