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Website translation

website translation and localization

Website translation and localization services

What is localization and how can help you?

Localization refers to an adaptation of a product (website translation, software translation, app translation, documents content, catalogue, brochure etc.) to the language, culture and regional characteristics of a specific target market.

Localization is actually a road opening for success in a certain market.

In addition to translation, where a content transfer is being made from a language to another, the localization involves the connection between the content and the concerned product or service.

For example, the terminological and stylistic consistency is imperative in the whole set of materials accompanying the product or service (graphic interface, help file, user manual, marketing materials etc.).

A study on the relationship between consumer behaviour and availability of information conducted by Common Sense Advisory shows that:

– 72.1% of consumers spend most of their time on websites in their own language;

– 72.4 % of consumers said they would buy a product if they had information in their language;

– 56.2 % of consumers say that the availability of information in their language is more important than the price;

– more than half of consumers are willing to pay a higher price if the seller provides information in their language.



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