Connecting the Dots

Just like any other baby, Translate Studio was born out of love, love for things done the right way, love for clients’ success stories, and love for brands that embrace quality and a strong work ethic.

Virginia Bordas, our founder and CEO, launched her translation career right after graduating in Translation and Conference Interpretation, in 2001. Since then, she has been connecting the dots from a range of professional experiences and projects to shape what Translate Studio stands for today: an enabler of clients’ success.

Our offer includes website and software localization for various programming languages and platforms, with a service model that always includes native speakers of the target language.

With our solid track record of successful projects and our breadth of languages, we’re well placed to offer guidance on localization in terms of ROI, what markets to enter, and how to monetise the opportunities.

Our Virtual Team

With headquarters in Târgu Mureș, Transylvania, Translate Studio's business model harnesses the skills of virtual teams operating worldwide.

Our core talent of over 330 native translators, top-flight localization experts and specialists in their field, have the power to deliver localization services in more than 30 languages, including rare languages and regional dialects.

We’re always at the ready to provide effective localization strategies for our international clients.

As experts in localization, we help businesses position themselves as relevant to more people in more markets. Our many satisfied clients can testify that localization is efficient, scalable and key to business growth.

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