Video Games Localization Done Right


Adapting Video Games for Global Players

The gaming industry reaches three billion players globally, so of course businesses are increasingly looking towards game localization services. The decision to localize a game is a heavy financial investment, but it can be crucial in unlocking the potential profits to be made in a new country.
We’re here to help by offering video game localization services into 30+ languages, supporting you in creating a captivating experience for millions of gamers around the world.
Our goal is to provide end users with an enjoyable, easy-to-follow play experience by tailoring your game to their specific cultural context. We preserve the tone, feel, style and experience of your game, while remaining faithful to the source material.
You can rely on our worldwide team of 300+ native linguists and top-rated localization experts to ensure an immersive and enthralling gaming experience for international markets.

Depending on the type of game, our games localization process focuses on:

  • UI information including player info stats, location names, item names, map names, non-player characters’ (NPCs) names
  • Any in-game dialogue between characters and any prompts from NPCs
  • Quest text and related information to guide players through the world
  • In-game announcements, i.e. in multiplayer games
  • Prompts and instructions about how the player interacts with the world
  • Subtitles for any dialogue throughout the game, particularly in cut-scenes

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